March 24 2021 18:30:0011:06:55

March 24th at6:30 pm

Fort Wayne

Eddie Merlot's
1502 Illinois Rd S

About the Event

Have you been searching for ways to save on taxes, reduce risk and maximize your wealth? If so, we’ll help you begin to see the unseen when it comes to your financial future. At our Wealth in Overdrive™ workshop, we’ll help you discover the unseen risks in your finances. I’ll show you how a lack of a wealth recapture strategies could be costing you lost opportunities, higher taxes and higher interest rates on your investments and wealth transfers.

  • How to reduce the amount of money you give to the IRS.
  • How to use the Tax Control Quadrant™ to save money and diversify your assets.
  • How wealth acceleration strategies put your accumulation of assets into warp speed.
  • How to create your own defense system for obtaining financial assurance with more clarity.
  • How to avoid retirement hazard zones and IRA train-wrecks that are ruining your chance at living a more prosperous life.