Phil Bodine is the founder and CEO of Verdeo Financial and Insurance Strategies, Inc. He’s been a wealth strategist since 1989 serving executives and small business owners to create and maximize their wealth potential by helping them “see the unseen.”

After serving his client base in Fort Wayne, Indiana for 18 years, Phil moved his home office to Granite Bay California in 2008 to expand his practice as a nationwide financial advisor and guest speaker to many advisors. His “Wealth in Overdrive” workshop has changed the lives of thousands throughout the country.

What separates Phil from other financial planners is he creates a financial plan around your specific situation so you can live a prosperous life.

His purpose is to explore and analyze the complicated intricacies of each individual’s and business’ financial situation in order to design and deliver simple strategies. From there, Phil builds a financial blueprint to better determine a better detailed financial plan of action that allows clients to become better stewards of their wealth.

These intellectual strategies effectively help reduce taxes, reduce risk, increase portfolio efficiency, and augment the preservation of wealth legacy for his clients.

Phil’s team of industry specialists and mentors has proven to be especially powerful in helping his clients construct and execute their exit strategies. Phil graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business from the University of Indiana at Fort Wayne.

Phil is a husband, father and grandfather. His outside interests include volleyball, golf, fishing and travel. He serves various charities through Bayside church and his passion for marketplace ministry is teaching others the Freedom of Forgiveness…what it is and what it isn’t. “Forgiveness doesn’t excuse their behavior, Forgiveness prevents their behavior from destroying your heart!”

Take Firm Control

If you’re like many of my clients you could be paying more taxes than you should be… AND you might be missing hidden opportunities to grow your bottom line even more. By simply spending 15 minutes reading the monthly Bodine Report – I can show you ways to keep more of your money.